BESOM at Christmas

Christmas Hampers

Every year the BESOM receive referrals from local statutory bodies and Churches to provide hampers for those in our community who are less able to enjoy those extra luxuries, each hamper is lovingly provided and packaged by members of the local churches. They aim to include not only those essential items (pasta, rice and tins etc.) but mince pies, sweets, ‘Christmassy’ desserts, tinned meats, crackers, gifts (selected according to age and gender of each family member) napkins etc. all wrapped beautifully in decorated boxes covered with cellophane and bows.
Over the years we have received wonderful feedback:

A huge thank you for all your contributions to our Christmas Hamper project.Besom Christmas 2014 2

  • in 2016 Over 120 hampers sent out!
  • A local community blessed

Besom Christmas 2014 Here are few pictures & comments from recipients and agencies:

“…that is so lovely.  Not just the bits in there but the effort that’s gone into it.  It’s really made me smile.”

“It is very nice to know someone is thinking of us.”

Packing Hampers reduced  Hampers 7 reduced  Some of the finished hampers from The Beacon reduced   Team Hampers 2 - out of focusfinished hampers 2013

This is just one of the letters of thanks we received:

Firstly, Happy New Year to you – Debbie and I would just like to thank- you and your team for the beautiful hampers you gave to our client’s again this Christmas – the feedback we’ve received from the client’s is wonderful – the main comments were that by your kindness and the people who donated the fabulous gifts and their time in making the Christmas Hampers has reduced the risk of the client’s entering into high interest loans  – I know from speaking to Debbie that without your support we would have a number of our client’s obtaining “Pay Day Loans” just so they could have brought food for the festive session – which would have caused further risks to their tenancies a few weeks into the new year when they were unable to pay their rent due to the loan – once again a really big thank – you Grace for all the brilliant work you and your team do.