The BESOM in Camberley

A bridge between those who want to give and those in need

Please see our new website which has a lot more information:

“We have seen that it is vital that anything we give is of the highest quality: if someone has no choice, they must have the best!”

The BESOM provides various packs:

  • Food Packs
  • Kitchen Starter Packs
  • New Mum Packs
  • Bedding & Towel Packs
  • Small Electrical (Kettle/Toaster etc.)

These are provided only on referral, by local Children Centers & Nurseries, Camberley Frontline, Citizens Advice, Churches in and around Camberley, Schools, Accent (Housing Association), Age UK, Doctors & Health visitors, Family Support Workers, Mental Health Team etc.
If you are seeking support then any of the above with whom you have a contact will be able to refer you.

Contact: for further info or to volunteer as a “Time-giver”

The BESOM in Camberley is a Registered Charity.
Charity no: 1160548 (England and Wales)