The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

What you can do if you oppose the Bill:

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill will be debated again in the House of Commons very soon – most likely on 20 May. MPs will vote on amendments to the Bill then have their last opportunity to vote for or against the Bill as a whole.
You will probably be aware that your MP, Michael Gove, voted in favour of the Bill at second Reading. As a prominent Cabinet member he has a particular duty to support the Bill. Even so, please would you write and say how disappointed you are that he voted for the Bill and ask him to reconsider and vote against it at Third Reading. It would be of major benefit if you could also ask him to vote for New Clauses 1 to 9 at Report Stage. These New Clauses deal with many of the concerns we have about the Bill.
For example, New Clause 9 provides for a referendum on the issue of same sex marriage. This would finally allow the public to have a say about whether marriage should be redefined. Ideally, letters should arrive with Mr Gove no later than the week beginning Monday 13 May. Please find some letter writing tips and useful information: Writing your letter to Michael Gove MP.
Once Third Reading is complete, the Bill will proceed to the House of Lords where Peers will rigorously scrutinise and vote on it. Members of the Lords tend to be more independently minded. There are also many ‘Crossbench’ Peers who are not attached to a political party. Ultimately, it will be much more difficult for the Bill to pass the Lords.

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