Trainee vicars join us on Street Angels

We had 6 trainee vicars join us on Friday 15th March (Students From Wycliffe Hall Theological College). Wycliffe Students on SA ShiftThey did a great job. It was very interesting talking to them about Street Angels. They were very interested in our approach. They asked why we don’t go and give the gospel to people. I told them that we don’t want to have a reputation as Bible bashers we just want a reputation for helping people out whatever their circumstances.  This is why we are able to go out onto the Streets of Camberley and feel safe.  The people of Camberley trust us. I did say that if they ask you a question like “why are you here?” or “why are you a Christian?” that they are perfectly free to give whatever answer they pleased. If they wanted to give the gospel at this point that would be fine.  Very shortly after explaining this we bumped into 2 army guys.  One was very drunk and the other seemed pretty sober. The drunk one was very suspicious of us but his friend got into a long conversation with us. He discovered that my 2 colleagues were in fact trainee vicars and proceeded to ask what made them want to be vicars (Interestingly he had a whole load of questions he’s always wanted to ask a trainee vicar – just like you do!!). They both proceeded to give the gospel to this chap in such a natural and friendly way that I don’t imagine the chap even realised.  We just seemed to go from one conversation to the next. I learnt something from them as well. This was not to rush on too quickly. People are really happy to stop and chat, some for absolutely ages. This made the evening pass like a shot. Later in the evening about 2am. We came across this young lady who was extremely drunk. She was so drunk she could hardly walk. One of the trainee vicars went up to try and steady her. She turns on him and starts having a go at him saying “I don’t need your help” but her friends says “don’t worry they are Street Angels, they are here to help us”. At this she then accepts help from us. We give her flip flops and a lolly and help walk her to her lift. By the time she has got to the car she so transformed her view of us that she is proposing to the trainee vicar.  What a great evening. I will not forget it. And in future I will spend as much time with each person as they are happy to spend with me.
Attached is a photo of the 2 trainee vicars with 2 people we chatted to on the high street.

Article Submitted by Peter Caddick (Street Angel Coordinator)

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